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Module 8 Assignment  

Course Development Project: Part V - Final Syllabus Presentation


Over the past seven weeks, you have worked to develop critical elements of a course syllabus. In Module 8, you will have an opportunity to put all of the pieces together and share your work with your peers. Remember that the syllabus is a primary source of information to guide learners throughout the course. Think of the syllabus as a roadmap both teacher and learner can use to navigate the course. The goal of a well-designed syllabus is to ensure learners understand what is expected of them. Therefore, the syllabus should be easy to read, understand, and follow.

Below is a flexible template for a course syllabus. It is intended to serve as a guide to ensure that all critical elements are included. It is expected that you will use all of the knowledge gained throughout this course to design a meaningful syllabus that is unique to you and your course. Don’t be afraid to use varied formatting or ordering.

The presentation will consist of a 5-7 minute overview of the course syllabus. The focus of this presentation is to discuss the cohesiveness among all of the course elements.

Course Title

Academic credit hours

Course format: (e.g., lecture, lecture + discussion, lecture + lab, seminar, etc.)

Instructor’s Information

Include your name, title, contact information, and the time and location of your office hours. Also, link to your website or social media presence, if applicable. Share information about yourself (to your comfort level).

Instructor Contact Information

What is this course about? (i.e. Course Description)

Briefly describe the course, clearly explaining why you find the course important and engaging. What is this course about? What questions does it attempt to answer? How does the course fit into the overall curriculum?

What background knowledge is needed before taking this course?

Note specific prerequisite courses in addition to any specific knowledge, skills, or background needed to successfully complete this course.

What will be learned in this course? (i.e. Student Learning Outcomes)

List the learning outcomes for the course.


What will learners do in this course?

What types of activities comprise the course and the classes? List and describe the activities and assignments you will use to help students reach the learning outcomes. How will students benefit from each type of activity? (You do not need to include the specific points or grading basis; there is a later section in the template for the grading scale).

What are the required texts, materials, and technologies (i.e Learning Materials)?

List the required texts or resources that students will need to acquire, including textbooks, software, and lab manuals. List the sources where the materials should be obtained, and costs (if any). For texts, provide the full bibliographic entry for each text and URLs if applicable.

What technologies are students required to learn or purchase? Where can students find out more about these technologies? Who will students contact if they have difficulties?

What optional texts or resources might be helpful (if applicable)?

List the optional texts, reference material, or resources that will be used in the course.

How will grade be determined (i.e. Evaluation Methods)?

List the graded assessments and how they will add up to the total course grade. Include your overall grading scale (for example, A = 93% and higher, etc.)

Course Alignment (complete the table below)

Student Learning Outcome

Course Resources

Resources can be used for more than one outcome.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods can be used for more than one outcome.


 What are the relevant university and course policies?

Here you may describe topics such as availability, discussion guidelines, course community building, attendance, make-up work, assignment deadlines, academic integrity, and plagiarism. Complete information on Excelsior policies can be found by visiting Excelsior Policies Links to an external site.. You must include policies on accommodations, academic integrity, and inclusivity.

Academic Accommodations

Academic Integrity


What university resources can help during this course?

In this section, you may wish to highlight particularly relevant resources or other resources that are discipline-specific that are useful for students.



Record yourself using the Screen-O-Matic which is a free Web-based application that allows the user to create a recording of a computer screen or video capture with voice over narration. Here are the instructions:

How to use Screen-O-Matic to record and share video Links to an external site.

You should upload (or provide the link for) both your recorded presentation and syllabus to the assignment area.


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