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PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Identify a historical public health nurse from the United States who made significant contributions to the field of public health. Describe the event and the nurse's intervention in response to the event. Discuss the outcome of the nurse's intervention. What makes public nursing its own distinct discipline within the nursing field, and how has this event influenced the foundations of public health nursing today?

DQ2 Explore the state initiative website found in topic Resources.

Review the three core functions and ten essential services of public health found in the textbook. Discuss how they have shaped the field and purpose of public nursing. Then, explain how these core functions and essential public health services are incorporated into the following scenario:

Imagine, as a public health nurse, that a 23-year-old recently unemployed single mother of a 6-month-old and 2-year-old enters your facility seeking your assistance for support in services for housing, food assistance, health care, and referrals for daily needs. Using these core functions and services, identify agencies within your community and the services they provide that may benefit this family.


PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 Evaluate a regulatory and policy-making body. Use the Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations as an example. Describe a major public health issue facing nursing today and discuss ways in which you think a regulatory body ensures public health nurses are equipped to address the issue. Explain how this shapes the education requirements and professional competencies for public health nurses.

DQ2 With the future of health care in the United States and public health needs changing, how can the masters-prepared public health nurse be influential within professional organizations to drive or support change? Consider changes and challenges within the health care system, including issues of access, health disparities, and funding mechanism in your response.


PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Select a setting you would like to practice in as a public health nurse. What about it interests you? Discuss the population that is served. Explain in detail two primary health needs and barriers the population may face in obtaining access to necessary health promotion and disease prevention interventions. What are the public health nurses' roles, responsibilities, and scope of practice in that setting in assisting the population in overcoming those barriers?

DQ2 Discuss the public health nurse’s unique role as advocate for the public health needs of the community. Consider factors such as policy, laws, regulation, and leadership in your response.



PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Imagine speaking with a person whose first language is not English about experiences with health care professionals who do not speak his or her language. Identify social determinants for this person and interventions for meeting their needs.

DQ2 Use the Participant Observation technique to identify and describe health issues within a cultural group from your community. What challenges might public health nurses face in eliminating bias in their assessment and treatment of people from other cultures? How does the public health nurse's ethical and moral obligation to treat everyone equally and respectfully relate to the Christian worldview of human value and dignity that advocates human flourishing for everyone?


PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 Differentiate between a model and a theory. Locate a current peer reviewed journal article that applies a nursing theory to guide public health nurses in community care. How can this theory be applied to public health interventions?

DQ2 Several models support the practice of health promotion and disease prevention. Discuss one model that you can use in the public health setting and provide an example specific to your current setting. Consider what aspects the model incorporates from the intervention wheel on the "Public Health Interventions: Application for Nursing Practice" website, located in the topic Resources.


PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 6 Discussion

DQ1 Summarize a historical ethical dilemma in public health. How may this relate to a current (within the past five years) ethical dilemma? Were there any lessons learned from the historical event that can help public health nurses address current ethical dilemmas? Discuss laws and policies implemented as a result.

DQ2 Using the current ethical dilemma in Topic 6 DQ 1, identify one law at the federal, state, or local level that supports ethical practice. Discuss a role nurses could play in supporting ethical practice. How can nurses promote equitable quality ethical practice?


PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Describe the efforts of the American Public Health Association in quality improvement in health care delivery and public health. Defend why it is important that the public health care nurse communicate information in an accurate and timely manner. In what ways does this communication impact quality, evaluation, and population health management?

DQ2 Visit the "Quick Facts United States," located in topic Resources, to gather demographic data for your county of residence. Include age, ethnicity, poverty levels, housing, and education. Then visit the "County Health Rankings and Roadmaps," website also located in topic Resources. to collect epidemiological data from your county health department. Identify two to three additional credible data sources and describe the types and forms of data used in your findings. Include how population health data helps identify priority areas of concern.


PHN600 Foundations of Public Health Nursing

Week 8 Discussion

DQ1 Discuss the disaster you chose for your presentation in this topic. Discuss why you chose the disaster and the impact it had on public health nursing. Characterize the unique role of public health nursing in emergency preparedness and response to the disaster.

DQ2 Describe the four phases of emergency management during a disaster and explain the concept of resilience of the public health nurse in this process.

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