Week 2 - List and describe 5 virtues you feel are important for nurses

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wk 2

1. List and describe 5 virtues you feel are important for nurses






 2. Based on the case presentation on page 42 in B&N, name four arguments in support and four arguments opposed to the physician’s decision. As a student, did Mary have any options? What would you have done?

3. Based on the theory of Deontology, Nurses should provide patient care without prejudice and with respect for each individual patient. How might this be demonstrated in a situation where a 78 year old woman with diabetes, chronic HTN, and COPD comes into the hospital requesting to be a DNR and the family is against it? Should the feelings of the family be taken into consideration? If so, to what degree should the patient consider their wants?

4. A young 16 year old girl finds herself pregnant and is afraid to tell her parents, who are strict Catholics. The girl’s friend suggests she have an abortion so her parents do not have to find out. Based on the theory of virtue ethics, should the young girl have an abortion? Why or why not? Based on the theory of Utilitarianism, what would bring about the greatest good in this situation?

5. Based on the case situation on page 72 in B&N, write your answers to the five bullet points in the “Think About it” box

6. Pick one of the Ethical challenges from C&J pgs. 177-180. Apply it to a real world situation, and how you would solve it

7. What is Kant’s Categorical Imperative, and why is it important to the Nursing profession?

8. Is there a difference between a naturalistic ethics of care and a Christianethics of care as it relates to “holistic medicine”? If so describe

9. What does religion and scientific medicine have to do with each other?

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