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You are probably wondering about the extent of online academic assistance. now offers online assistance with seasons and exams. We understand that professional workers do not get time to do their online seasons, hence we can take an online class for you.

Moreover, we can also help you out with the online exams. All you need to do is sign up with us and hand over your online class to us.

We take your math, stats, chemistry, physics, and many more seasons for you. Math and stats can cause real trouble for the students since they have limited understanding of a subject, hence you can rely on our professional online class helpers to see a turnaround in your math class result.

Software Used For Homework Minutes For Online Sessions


Zoom is one of the most widely used apps to connect with people and is used by both groups of people, be it people working in the office or getting an education. With zoom, people can log in and start a session of about 40 minutes and extend it up to 2 hours by taking a premium subscription. It is mostly used as a webinar platform.

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Microsoft Teams

MS team is a free application from Microsoft and can be used by groups of all kinds. Group chat can be used to communicate with the guide and fellow members in the session. The team is a very trusted software for meeting, calling, and web conferencing. It also gives you the ease of using inbuilt applications like excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.

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Google Meet

The benefit of using Google Meet is that you don’t require a premium subscription for conducting long meetings. It is supported by the latest Google AI and provides you features like pinning of the screen and easy screen sharing, and video background replacement to make the session more engaging.

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This software is a new sensation in the market and provides features like professional one-click video conferencing and can even schedule your next meeting. You can skip the download process as it can be used in your browser, all it needs is a meeting URL.

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Our Values And Resources At Homework Minutes


After the completion of your session, you can download extra notes in pdf format from our site which can be very helpful in future preparation. These notes/references are prepared by experts who have wide knowledge in their respective fields.


Homework Minutes provide you with experts in every field of work you can think of. We select our guides after a long process of written text and skill assessment tasks. They make sure each online session is fun and interactive and each student gains some useful information at the end of the session.


At our site homework minutes, we offer pocket-friendly prices for our students. Our main goal is to ease the process of understanding any topic and not to empty the pockets of our customers. This motto serves our learners and us as well.


Providing solutions and skills training that meets people's needs and helps them achieve life goals is something we are passionate about and driven by our belief that free education and skills training can dramatically change people's lives.


Taking inspiration from the UN Declaration, we believe that "everyone deserves free learning". Regardless of gender, geography, economic status, or any other barrier, we are committed to equality and access to education

Our Missions

With technology, we want a world where anyone can create something meaningful and has access to learning tools, resources, and opportunities. The world of possibilities contained in code is waiting to be explored - all you need is a curiosity and a drive to learn. is committed to helping everyone learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the world, no matter where they are on their study journey.

You can download all subject material and resources in PDF form.

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