Privacy Policy

Uploading copyrighted material on is strictly prohibited.

Any violations may result in but are not limited to, Account Suspension, Withholding of Funds and Legal Actions.

DMCA complaints sent to will be handled within 24 hours.

We do care about the trust that you show in us. Therefore, we’ve framed our privacy policy strictly as per the safety and security guidelines. We are transparent in collecting, using, sharing, and storing your information. Our privacy policy communicates all the services and the amount the data restored by us for a better user interface. We strictly prohibit intrusion into the customer’s private information and aim at providing them with a safe environment to be in.

When do these private policies come into play?

Our privacy policy applies to your activities while you browse our website or other related applications. Our privacy policy demarcates the customer rights and the consequences of defacing any of the associated policies. Go through the entire page to get aware of your data usage by us and the rights you grant us while browsing through our services and buying/selling on our website.

How do we collect and restore your information?

We collect and restore your information for legal purposes. The information is collected from our other affiliated sites and third-party sites, where you grant us access to keep track of your personal information.

Email Address

To contact you whenever necessary, provide you information related to order-placing or to revert for any of your queries. Also, to email you password recovery mail when you forget your user login information.

When is your personal information under our surveillance?

  • On your visit to your website.
  • Chat over mail or WhatsApp.
  • On order-placing or payment.
  • On publishing reviews and comments on our website.
  • When you engage with our other affiliated brands or services.

What rights do we grant to our users?

We give our use of certain rights to prevent user dissatisfaction and increase their engagement with our services. The rights that we grant to our users include: The right to information, restrict procession of data, withdrawal of consent, place to query for any obligations, resistance against any inactivity, to stop us from restoring, sharing information with third parties, etc.

What else do our services include?

No age limitation to using our services

We impose no age limitation on our users for the use of our services. The user can be from kindergarten or any senior professional.

Link with another website

The other referral links provided on our website have their privacy policies. Therefore, we are not liable for any of their policies or your activities on those websites. Also, you link up with these websites at your own risk.

Frequent updating of our Privacy

Policy Our privacy policy is not universal; it may change from time to time under different circumstances. Therefore, you ought to lookup for any updates in our privacy policy to ensure the preservation of your rights.

PS: We do not share any of your personal information with other websites or organizations until confirmed by you.

As per our policy, the solutions provided by us are to be downloaded and used for reference only. We don't recommend copy-pasting the information.

The provided solution is only a guide and not the original solution.

For any further queries related to our privacy policy, you may contact us.

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