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Module 6 Discussion

Designing Learning Activities

Initial Post Instructions:

Design an experiential learning activity that could be used in your course. For the purposes of this assignment, avoid choosing simulation, traditional clinical experiences, or lab experience.

Address the following elements:

Clarification: Determine which course learning outcome this activity supports. Establish the 2–3 learning objectives for the activity to ensure complete and correct understanding of what is expected during the activity.

Experience: Create (describe) an experience for the learner to stimulate curiosity related to your course content.

Process and Share: Include two question prompts that encourage learners to reflect on “what happened” after the experience. How might the student share the experiences and reflection with their peers?

Generalize and Apply: How would the student's experience contribute to their development as a nurse in the specialty area of your course? How does the activity enhance collaborative practice in their future role as a nurse?

Evaluation: How will you know if the student has satisfactorily achieved the learning objectives?

Response to Classmates

Responding to two classmates, provide feedback on their experiential learning activity. Where might your classmate(s) need to provide more information to introduce the activity to learners? Which of the elements could they most improve upon and how?



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