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Module 2 Discussion

Innovative Spaces


Consider how learning spaces affect the sense of community and learning for diverse learners. Learning spaces that encourage collaboration and physical movement, places for students to think, design, and innovate are becoming more popular. No longer are students in these schools confined to learning in sterile environments and confined classroom spaces that focus on the front of the classroom; rather, students are enjoying their learning environments, where creativity and imagination flourish and authentic learning can occur.

For this discussion forum, you should be considering the traditional physical classroom; we'll address online classroom design in a future module. Take a look at Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future  Links to an external site.(5:48 minutes) for inspiration. As you watch the video, think through the following questions in order to prepare for your initial post.

What areas should the ideal learning space have?

What elements (lighting, colors, furniture, technologies, etc.) might create the best learning environment?

What “message” would you like the learning space to convey to the learner?

Initial Post

Now that you've considered innovative classroom design, you're ready to embark on your initial post, which will be creating an ideal learning space for 20–25 first-year nursing students in a Fundamentals of Nursing course.

Provide a description of at least 3 elements included in the space and discuss how each can be effective within the nursing education environment.

Support your analysis with evidence from current, authoritative sources cited in APA format.

Include at least 5 images that depict elements that you want to include in the learning space.

There is no standard format on how you should share your ideas. Some potential ideas are a hand-drawn sketch, Pinterest board Links to an external site., a Prezi Links to an external site., or Canva Links to an external site.infographic. Please make sure that you save it in a format that we can all access. This could be an attachment or a direct link.

Be creative and bold and know that for this project .... there is no budget.

esponse to Classmates

In your response to at least two of your classmates, consider the following questions:

What are the aspects of your classmate's design that intrigue you the most? Why?

Your classmate elaborated on 3 elements of the classroom design. What would you propose for the fourth?


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