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Module 1 Discussion

Analysis of Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Education

The application of ethical principles within the teaching profession and nursing practice forms the core of the nurse educator's professional ethics. There are specific legal and ethical issues that are of concern to nurse educators. This week you will familiarize yourself with the nuances of these laws.

For this discussion, please research one of the topics below. The links will take you to the Excelsior University student policy, but this should be only one of the sources that you employ.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Links to an external site.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)Links to an external site.

Title IXLinks to an external site.

In a short paragraph, address the following questions about your selected topic:

What are the major provisions of the law?

What resources could a nurse educator use to remain current with changes or developments on this issue?

Woman grading papers at a coffee shop.Showcase your knowledge about the selected topic by also drafting a short scenario where one or more of the major provisions may come into play. Please see the following scenario about FERPA as an example:

You’ve been grading student work at the hospital’s coffee shop. However, you forgot to lock your computer when your name was called and you got up to get your latte. While you were standing in line, an unauthorized person accessed your computer and retrieved some of the personal student information.

Response to Classmates

In your response to at least two of your classmates, consider the following questions; please make sure that you cover the two policies that you did not write about. So, for instance, if you wrote about FERPA in your initial post, you should respond to a classmate who wrote about Title IX and another classmate who wrote about ADA.

What possible issues/concerns might this scenario raise?

How could this situation become a violation of the law, the “Code,” or other policies?

In this situation, what are some potentially negative consequences for the educator, students, and the larger community?

What responses/actions will result in a positive outcome and/or what proactive measures might be considered?

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