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Module 3 Discussion

Designing Inclusive Curriculum


Bias within health care has been shown to impact overall health outcomes. Nurse educators have an opportunity to mitigate this through self-reflection and the use of inclusive language and activities with students. In this week's reading, Reducing Language Bias in Nursing Education: Equipping Educators Links to an external site., Sommer et al. (2019) discuss some of the practical ways to achieve this.

Initial Post

For this discussion forum, you will be sharing the course description written for your final project in an effort to determine any hidden biases that might influence your course design. Biases are unavoidable. We all have them. It’s how we handle our biases that makes the real difference.

For your introductory post, please copy and paste your course description into the body of the discussion forum and address the questions below.

What are your assumptions about the course that you’re developing and about students who will take the course?

Why is identifying these assumptions important for grounding your course? ?

Giving Thoughtful Feedback:

Using Bloom’s taxonomy, Wray (2020) developed the RISE (Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, Elevate) feedback model. RISE is a structure that promotes peer-to-peer feedback and meaningful responses. This clear and simplistic model promotes the abilities of peers to provide feedback and encourages positive responses from those receiving the feedback (Chicca, 2021).

Providing effective peer feedback requires an understanding of the different types and facets of feedback. Individuals respond to feedback differently. The giver of the feedback should recognize meaningful ways of motivating individuals through supportive feedback. Individuals receiving thoughtful and insightful feedback respond well when they perceive that feedback promotes self-, peer-, and team performance (Tornwall et al., 2021).

Response to Classmates

Read what at least two of your classmates have posted regarding their plan for the course and their assumptions. Can you spot any hidden biases? Remember that these are something that we all have, simply as a result of our individual identities. Remember to be kind and assist your classmate in addressing any biases that might be apparent in their work or could possibly surface as they work on the project.

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