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Module 5 Discussion

Creating Accessible Learning Materials


Accessible instructional materials are materials that are designed or converted in a way that makes them usable to the widest range of students. Making your instructional materials accessible can enhance the learning of all students. WebAIM: Web Accessibly in Mind Links to an external site.has comprehensive information on creating accessible materials and is well worth your time; for this discussion, their information on creating accessible PowerPoint presentations Links to an external site.will be particularly relevant.

Initial Post Instructions:

For your initial post, you will be assessing the level of accessibility of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and writing a reflection on the experience.

Run the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft PowerPoint to identify any accessibility issues in your file. This feature offers the easiest way to improve a document’s accessibility. The Accessibility Checker is especially useful for large and complex documents that include graphics and tables. It examines various elements of a document and detects where accessibility elements are lacking, such as in alt text, heading styles, and table headers.

Your initial post should include a screen capture of the Inspection Results (collapsed) showing the kinds of issues detected. Following the screen capture, describe the major issues that a screen reader would have with the presentation, based on the results from the Accessibility Checker. If the Accessibility Checker shows no issues, explain what process might have led to this result.

Response to Classmates:

After composing your initial post, respond to two of your classmates, with consideration to the following questions:

What is the biggest challenge to making documents and presentations accessible?

How could technology help improve this process?

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