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Module 2 Assignment  

Course Development Project: Part I - Your Course Description (Flipgrid)


The overall goal of this assignment is for you to have a much richer understanding of the curriculum development process. Often instructors prepare a syllabus with the intent of helping students understand the nature of the upcoming course. However, creating a syllabus also benefits the instructor because it forces them to think about not only what they are doing on a weekly basis, but also how those practices fulfill the course goals and contribute to the overall experience.

The syllabus serves as a map that describes the destination and the importance of the journey.

The process of developing a syllabus should serve as a reflective exercise, allowing the instructor to carefully consider their philosophy of teaching, the importance of the course, how the course fits in the program of study, and the practicality of the course. The syllabus should serve as both a professional and personal document. When a syllabus reflects the instructor's feelings, attitudes, and beliefs about teaching and learning in addition to course logistics, it guides the instructor as much as the learner.

Over the next six modules, you will create an abbreviated syllabus for a course related to your specialty area. In addition to developing your syllabus, you will simultaneously submit a rationale for each part.

To begin, choose one of the three fictitious nursing programs defined below. The mission of the school will drive your approach to the course development throughout this course.

Mission One

The School of Nursing is committed to the pursuit of higher education grounded in the arts, sciences, and humanities. We believe that nurses are called to care through advocacy, action, and building trusting relationships. Caring and compassion serve as the foundation of our nursing practice. The School of Nursing is dedicated to caring, advancing the science, studying the meaning, practicing the art, and living caring day-to-day. We strive to prepare a cadre of nurses prepared to care for our most vulnerable populations.

Mission Two

The School of Nursing creates and empowers nurse leaders who develop and implement innovative and interprofessional research, education, and practice activities that make a positive difference in the health of individuals and communities. Our vision is to be recognized globally as an academic community of excellence that builds on our strengths and traditions to provide leadership in nursing research, education, and evidence-based practice in evolving, interprofessional health and scientific communities.

Mission Three

The School of Nursing strives to be an innovative leader in educating nurses who are caring, competent, and committed to individual and global health. The School of Nursing produces leaders in nursing and health care that provide thoughtful innovation in healing, teaching, and discovery. The mission is accomplished through curricula grounded in experiential learning, evidence-based standards, and collaborative strategies to build effective interprofessional teams to ensure quality healthcare delivery for diverse populations globally.

Instructions: Part I - Your Course Description

This assignment has two sections.

Section One: Describe the content that will be covered in the course and how it relates to the mission of your chosen School of Nursing. This 1-page description should be completed in Word and submitted to the dropbox below.

Section Two:

Review the AACN Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education, specifically Domains, Competencies, and Sub-Competencies for Entry-level Professional Nursing Education. Links to an external site.Choose two domains that align with your course. Describe the connection between the chosen domains and your course content in Flipgrid.

Create a title for your course.  Consider a title that is engaging and meaningful. Discuss the significance of the title.


The second section will be conducted through Flipgrid, which allows for discussion but uses videos rather than text. Through Flipgrid, you can create and share short videos in response to a prompt. Flipgrid calls these prompts Topics. You can even respond to the videos created by other learners. Responses can be in video or text format.

Your instructor will give you the link to Flipgrid in the Announcements.

Click the link and sign in to Flipgrid with your Username. This will be the first initial of your first name and your complete last name. For instance, Jane Smith's username is jsmith.

Note: If you are using the Safari browser, you may be asked to download the Flash player. It is recommended that you use the most recent version of the Chrome browser.

Click the red Record a Response button to record your video. You will have 3 minutes to record your second section; however, the recording duration will differ throughout the course. When you are finished recording, click the Next arrow to the right of your screen. To Redo the video, click the Redo arrow on the left of your screen.

Upon clicking Next, you will be asked to Review your video and then take a picture (selfie) to go along with the video.

Click the red camera icon at the bottom center of the window to take a picture, and then click the green Next arrow to the right of your screen. Flipgrid uploads the video.

The last step involves confirming the name that will display with your video and clicking Submit. The Success screen then displays. 

Click Complete to see your video on the class grid.

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