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Module 1 Discussion

Analysis of Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Education

The application of ethical principles within the teaching profession and nursing practice forms the core of the nurse educator's professional ethics. There are specific legal and ethical issues that are of concern to nurse educators. This week you will familiarize yourself with the nuances of these laws.

For this discussion, please research one of the topics below. The links will take you to the Excelsior University student policy, but this should be only one of the sources that you employ.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Links to an external site.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)Links to an external site.

Title IXLinks to an external site.

In a short paragraph, address the following questions about your selected topic:

What are the major provisions of the law?

What resources could a nurse educator use to remain current with changes or developments on this issue?

Woman grading papers at a coffee shop.Showcase your knowledge about the selected topic by also drafting a short scenario where one or more of the major provisions may come into play. Please see the following scenario about FERPA as an example:

You’ve been grading student work at the hospital’s coffee shop. However, you forgot to lock your computer when your name was called and you got up to get your latte. While you were standing in line, an unauthorized person accessed your computer and retrieved some of the personal student information.

Response to Classmates

In your response to at least two of your classmates, consider the following questions; please make sure that you cover the two policies that you did not write about. So, for instance, if you wrote about FERPA in your initial post, you should respond to a classmate who wrote about Title IX and another classmate who wrote about ADA.

What possible issues/concerns might this scenario raise?

How could this situation become a violation of the law, the “Code,” or other policies?

In this situation, what are some potentially negative consequences for the educator, students, and the larger community?

What responses/actions will result in a positive outcome and/or what proactive measures might be considered?







Module 2 Discussion

Innovative Spaces


Consider how learning spaces affect the sense of community and learning for diverse learners. Learning spaces that encourage collaboration and physical movement, places for students to think, design, and innovate are becoming more popular. No longer are students in these schools confined to learning in sterile environments and confined classroom spaces that focus on the front of the classroom; rather, students are enjoying their learning environments, where creativity and imagination flourish and authentic learning can occur.

For this discussion forum, you should be considering the traditional physical classroom; we'll address online classroom design in a future module. Take a look at Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future  Links to an external site.(5:48 minutes) for inspiration. As you watch the video, think through the following questions in order to prepare for your initial post.

What areas should the ideal learning space have?

What elements (lighting, colors, furniture, technologies, etc.) might create the best learning environment?

What “message” would you like the learning space to convey to the learner?

Initial Post

Now that you've considered innovative classroom design, you're ready to embark on your initial post, which will be creating an ideal learning space for 20–25 first-year nursing students in a Fundamentals of Nursing course.

Provide a description of at least 3 elements included in the space and discuss how each can be effective within the nursing education environment.

Support your analysis with evidence from current, authoritative sources cited in APA format.

Include at least 5 images that depict elements that you want to include in the learning space.

There is no standard format on how you should share your ideas. Some potential ideas are a hand-drawn sketch, Pinterest board Links to an external site., a Prezi Links to an external site., or Canva Links to an external site.infographic. Please make sure that you save it in a format that we can all access. This could be an attachment or a direct link.

Be creative and bold and know that for this project .... there is no budget.

esponse to Classmates

In your response to at least two of your classmates, consider the following questions:

What are the aspects of your classmate's design that intrigue you the most? Why?

Your classmate elaborated on 3 elements of the classroom design. What would you propose for the fourth?





Module 3 Discussion

Designing Inclusive Curriculum


Bias within health care has been shown to impact overall health outcomes. Nurse educators have an opportunity to mitigate this through self-reflection and the use of inclusive language and activities with students. In this week's reading, Reducing Language Bias in Nursing Education: Equipping Educators Links to an external site., Sommer et al. (2019) discuss some of the practical ways to achieve this.

Initial Post

For this discussion forum, you will be sharing the course description written for your final project in an effort to determine any hidden biases that might influence your course design. Biases are unavoidable. We all have them. It’s how we handle our biases that makes the real difference.

For your introductory post, please copy and paste your course description into the body of the discussion forum and address the questions below.

What are your assumptions about the course that you’re developing and about students who will take the course?

Why is identifying these assumptions important for grounding your course? ?

Giving Thoughtful Feedback:

Using Bloom’s taxonomy, Wray (2020) developed the RISE (Reflect, Inquire, Suggest, Elevate) feedback model. RISE is a structure that promotes peer-to-peer feedback and meaningful responses. This clear and simplistic model promotes the abilities of peers to provide feedback and encourages positive responses from those receiving the feedback (Chicca, 2021).

Providing effective peer feedback requires an understanding of the different types and facets of feedback. Individuals respond to feedback differently. The giver of the feedback should recognize meaningful ways of motivating individuals through supportive feedback. Individuals receiving thoughtful and insightful feedback respond well when they perceive that feedback promotes self-, peer-, and team performance (Tornwall et al., 2021).

Response to Classmates

Read what at least two of your classmates have posted regarding their plan for the course and their assumptions. Can you spot any hidden biases? Remember that these are something that we all have, simply as a result of our individual identities. Remember to be kind and assist your classmate in addressing any biases that might be apparent in their work or could possibly surface as they work on the project.








Module 4 Discussion

DQ1 Simulation

Initial Post Instructions

Simulation is an educational technology that allows students to perform clinical procedures in a controlled environment. Simulation involves a student or a group of students practicing a variety of nursing interventions on a manikin or standardized patient, depending on the scenario. Simulation gives students an opportunity to practice their clinical skills until they feel comfortable with them and make and correct errors in a safe environment. Nursing students who participate in simulation-based education programs make fewer errors in clinical settings and are better able to strengthen their critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills.

Visit the Nursing Simulation Library Links to an external site.and identify a simulation that could possibly be incorporated into the course you are developing.

How might the simulation activity augment the course?

Is the simulation a (valid) replacement for a traditional clinical experience? Why or why not? Support your position with at least two sources of scholarly evidence cited in APA format.

About the Nursing Simulation Library:

The library is hosted by Montgomery College but made possible through the generosity of the Healthcare Initiative Foundation.

The expansion of the Nursing Simulation Library is supported by the Nurse Support Program (NSPII) and funded by the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC). You can read more about the purpose and the provisioning of the library here: Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium.Links to an external site.

Response to Classmates

Provide a rebuttal to at least two (2) of your peers. Your response should be supported by at least one source of scholarly evidence.

DQ2 Flipgrid Conversation: Digital Education Technology Review

Initial Video

This discussion will be conducted in Flipgrid. For a reminder on how to use Flipgrid, please see: Using Flipgrid. For your initial video, you will be reviewing an educational technology that can be integrated into the nursing classroom.

There are four steps to this:

Research the educational technology.

Design: Reflect on the learning needs of your audience.

Create a script for your review that covers the topics listed below.

Record a 3- to 5-minute video review on Flipgrid. Your review must include both audio and video.

Your review should address the following:

The definition and promise of the technology.

Practical details such as cost, technical requirements for running it, accessibility, and privacy factors. Briefly share an idea for how you could use the educational technology in your teaching and course.

How effective do you feel using this educational technology as a learning activity would be at promoting learning? Why?

How efficient do you feel using this educational technology for a learning activity would be? In other words, will it save you and students time, or take it? Is there a steep learning curve?

How engaging do you feel using this educational technology for a learning activity would be? How can it contribute to the development of a collaborative learning environment?

Response to Classmates

Watch the videos recorded by your classmates and select a video that reviews a technology of interest to you. Take the time to download and explore this technology. Respond to your classmate's post in either text or video, addressing the questions below:

What challenges does your classmate need to overcome when implementing the technology in the classroom?

Would you use this in your classroom? Why or why not?

Does the application pose issues with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?



Module 5 Discussion

Creating Accessible Learning Materials


Accessible instructional materials are materials that are designed or converted in a way that makes them usable to the widest range of students. Making your instructional materials accessible can enhance the learning of all students. WebAIM: Web Accessibly in Mind Links to an external site.has comprehensive information on creating accessible materials and is well worth your time; for this discussion, their information on creating accessible PowerPoint presentations Links to an external site.will be particularly relevant.

Initial Post Instructions:

For your initial post, you will be assessing the level of accessibility of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and writing a reflection on the experience.

Run the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft PowerPoint to identify any accessibility issues in your file. This feature offers the easiest way to improve a document’s accessibility. The Accessibility Checker is especially useful for large and complex documents that include graphics and tables. It examines various elements of a document and detects where accessibility elements are lacking, such as in alt text, heading styles, and table headers.

The location of the Accessibility Checker will differ, depending on your version of Microsoft PowerPoint. If it is not available from the Review tab, you may have an older version of the program and should follow the instructions under Don't see the Accessibility Checker? from Improve Accessibility with the Accessibility Checker.Links to an external site.

Your initial post should include a screen capture of the Inspection Results (collapsed) showing the kinds of issues detected. Following the screen capture, describe the major issues that a screen reader would have with the presentation, based on the results from the Accessibility Checker. If the Accessibility Checker shows no issues, explain what process might have led to this result.

Response to Classmates:

After composing your initial post, respond to two of your classmates, with consideration to the following questions:

What is the biggest challenge to making documents and presentations accessible?

How could technology help improve this process?



Module 6 Discussion

Designing Learning Activities

Initial Post Instructions:

Design an experiential learning activity that could be used in your course. For the purposes of this assignment, avoid choosing simulation, traditional clinical experiences, or lab experience.

Address the following elements:

Clarification: Determine which course learning outcome this activity supports. Establish the 2–3 learning objectives for the activity to ensure complete and correct understanding of what is expected during the activity.

Experience: Create (describe) an experience for the learner to stimulate curiosity related to your course content.

Process and Share: Include two question prompts that encourage learners to reflect on “what happened” after the experience. How might the student share the experiences and reflection with their peers?

Generalize and Apply: How would the student's experience contribute to their development as a nurse in the specialty area of your course? How does the activity enhance collaborative practice in their future role as a nurse?

Evaluation: How will you know if the student has satisfactorily achieved the learning objectives?

Response to Classmates

Responding to two classmates, provide feedback on their experiential learning activity. Where might your classmate(s) need to provide more information to introduce the activity to learners? Which of the elements could they most improve upon and how?

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