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Module 5 Assignment  

Course Development Project: Part III - Learning Materials & Teaching Strategies


Individual writing while watching the computer screen.The core information that students will experience, learn, and apply during a course is provided by learning materials. The best learning materials are consistent with the course's other components, such as learning outcomes, assessments, and activities. In order to have the greatest impact, these materials must be carefully selected, organized, refined, and used in a course. To optimize student learning, instructional materials should be planned and selected with both breadth and depth of content in mind, ensuring alignment with all course components.

One of the most effective course design decisions you can make to improve student engagement is to provide course learning materials and activities in more than one modality. The same material, for example, can include audio, video, and text components. This type of redundancy reinforces important concepts and ensures that users with physical disabilities can access content in an appropriate format.

Aligning learning activities to student learning outcomes is also essential. If you do not choose activities that align, students will be less successful in achieving the learning outcome. For example, imagine you have a course with the learning outcome, “Students will think critically about the cardiovascular system.” What experience would help students practice thinking critically? If you choose only to lecture, students will not have the opportunity to practice thinking critically and to improve through feedback. While they may learn to remember the parts of the stages of blood pressure, this misalignment does not offer them the opportunity to build critical thinking skills. Therefore, it is essential to identify the activity’s purpose to ensure it aligns with the learning outcome.


In this section of the Course Development Project, you will identify relevant course learning materials and clarify your teaching strategies.

After a thorough review of available resources, choose between 4-6 resources and provide either a link or full APA citation. In addition, provide a brief annotation for each resource that addresses the following:

How does the resource enhance the student's knowledge, skills, or abilities?

Is the material accessible to all students? How do you know?

How is the resource useful in preparing students to meet the student learning outcomes? How does the resource align with program mission, course description, and learning outcomes?

Once you have selected course materials, the next step is to determine the teaching strategies you will be using to engage students with the material, interact with them, and meet your instructional outcomes.

Woman with a small child accessing the computer.Here are some questions to consider as you decide on teaching strategies.

What do I know about my students?

How can I motivate these learners to engage with the content?

Which kinds of strategies will work the best for my content?

What level of Bloom's taxonomy are my learning outcomes?

Effective teaching strategies align with the level of your outcomes. In an introductory course, for example, students may be asked to define basic terms and concepts. At this more fundamental level of learning, you would choose strategies that involve recognition and repetition. In a more advanced course, assignments might involve students analyzing problems related to introductory concepts previously explained in earlier courses. In this case, you would use strategies like case studies, modeling expert behavior, and having students in groups evaluate the effectiveness of possible derived solutions.

For this section, identify no more than four (4) teaching strategies. You only have to list your instructional methods and activities, not explain or describe how they will be implemented.

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