During a monthly Lunch and Learn Seminar at TLG offices

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Part 1:  

During a monthly Lunch and Learn Seminar at TLG offices, all TLG business consultants are discussing various client cases.  During the Discussion of GC's new business, the group discusses the following question:   

Whether GC should resell EPI cleaning products from its public place of business and over the internet, or whether the risk of potential product liability outweighs any potential profit from reselling the EPI products, and why.     

Respond in paragraph format.

Part 2: 

Background:  TLG has scheduled another meeting with the GC owners to further discuss the risks and liabilities of tort law.  This meeting will  focus specifically on product liability.

Winnie and Ralph asked you to participate in the GC meeting and to be prepared to discuss specific product liability risks related to GC's use and resale of EPI cleaning products. 

Instructions:  To prepare, review product liability law, product liability claims, and parties who can be sued in product liability cases using the assigned materials and Instructor Notes. 

Write a summary report addressing the following questions to use as a basis for discussion in the GC meeting with TLG and to educate GC owners about potential risks and liabilities under product liability law. 

A.  Analyze and explain specifically how and why GC could face risks of being sued for breach of implied warranty of merchantability under product liability for use of EPI cleaning products to clean GC clients' commercial property. 

  • Review the resource "Warranties and Product Liability" in Overview before responding to A.  

B.  Analyze and explain specifically how and why GC could face risks under product liability for reselling EPI cleaning products directly to customers from its public place of business. 


Format Instructions:

Prepare the summary in a report, addressed to Winnie and Ralph, to be used in discussion with the GC owners.

The report should address the questions in the Instructions above.  Follow the format below.



TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders

FROM:         (your name)


RE:              Green Clean Product Liability





Write in correct, complete sentences in paragraph format.

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