Exam 1 Question for CRIJ 4300 Organized Crime

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 Comprehensive essay type exam. 
3-5 typed, double spaced pages. The cover and reference pages do no not count in the 3-5 pages. You must have 3-5 pages of actual dialog.

 Exam 1 Question for CRIJ 4300 Organized Crime 
Define Organized Crime. How does this definition apply to Pablo Escobar? What was the social 
atmosphere like where Pablo Escobar was raised and how did it contribute to his “outlaw” sense of 
social justice? In contrast to his self image, what did Pablo Escobar really do and at what point did he 
sign his death warrant with the DEA/CIA? How did the CIA/DEA gather intelligence that allowed 
them to analyze Escobar's weaknesses and squeeze him into a vulnerable position where he could be 
liquidated? What were the weaknesses that that pushed Escobar to make the unstable decisions 
resulting in him going out in a blaze of gunfire that was not so glorious.
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