Exam 1 Patterns and Typologies

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 Comprehensive essay type exam

3-5 page answer. Cite all sources and use APA type organization. Only use indirect quotes. 3-5 typed, double spaced pages. The cover and reference pages do no not count in the 3-5 pages. You must have 3-5 pages of actual dialog.

 Exam 1 Patterns and Typologies
In your opinion, who was Jack the Ripper? Develop a typology that includes: (1) sociological 
background, (2) physical description, (3) the Ripper’s interpretation of sex and violence and (4) 
psychological description. Do you believe the Ripper was one of Scotland Yard’s suspects or someone 
else? Do you believe the Ripper was a practicing serial killer before the White Chapel murders? Why?
Do you believe the Ripper left England and continued his activities elsewhere? Why? How would you
organize an investigation to catch Jack the Ripper if you could go back in time.
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