Build a profile for the Axeman of New Orleans case.

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Build a profile for the Axeman of New Orleans case.

1. Read the following links on the axeman of New

2. State all known available pertinent facts concerning
the crime(s), victim(s) and crime scene(s).

3. Why is a profile useful for this particular

4. Begin qualitatively. Use the information provided
by any source to begin building the profile. Are
there credible data sources of similar crimes
available that could be useful in building the
profile? If so, use this data or past cases to
conduct an analysis that corresponds with the crime,
victim etc...

5. Make sure to include the following in the
description of the perpetrator and explain your
logic in doing so.

Demographics: Age, race, height, weight, education,
IQ, location of residence etc...

Motivations: revenge, sex, violence or any other
pertinent information.

If we lived during the time these murders occurred,
would you predict that this offender would strike
again? If so, when, where, and describe the next

What interview techniques do you believe would be
most productive if this offender was apprehended?
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