jus305 module 7-2 Final Project: Case Analysis

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7-2 Final Project: Case Analysis
Task: Submit to complete this assignment

Based on the Final Project Rubric, combine your milestones, make appropriate revisions based on instructor feedback, and submit.

You are working for a branch of the U.S. international criminal justice system. You have been given your chosen case to review by senior leadership.

Provide a case analysis to determine the scope and complexity of the work needed to successful. Use the case provided to complete the case analysis. This investigative report serves as a debrief and update on the status of your case, and also serves as a formal check for resources needed and support you may need as the field office agent. Conclude your analysis with a short paragraph stating whether you believe the investigation and prosecution of this case was performed effectively. Include your recommendations for how the case could have been handled differently to produce a more desirable outcome.
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