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SOSC341 Understanding Statistical Inference


For your lab this week, you are going to answer the questions below making sure to follow each of the steps as detailed. The folks at a local hospital wanted to understand the community they are serving. As a result, they have collected information from recent patients including gender, relationship status, family history of heart disease, smoking behavior, and diagnosis of cancer or diabetes.  Using the Hospital Data Set.

Before beginning this lab, please review the videos on the Module Resources and Tutorials 8 page.

 Please Note:

All data sets and/or resources needed for this lab are linked at the bottom of the page.

Lab Details

Your submission for this Lab Assignment should be a Jamovi file with a .omv extension. The results in APA formatting can be written directly on the Jamovi file or in a separate document.

Part 1

Test 4 variables (you choose 4) in the data set using the chi-square Goodness of Fit test. Assume an equal chance of all categories for each variable.

Compute are report effect size.

Report all results (significant and non-significant) in APA style.

 Part 2

Using a test of independent/association:

Test if smoking status is independent of gender.

Test is diabetes diagnosis is independent of gender.

Test if cancer diagnosis is independent of relationship type.

Test if gender is independent of relationship type.

Calculate the effect size for each test.


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