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SOSC341 Understanding Statistical Inference

Assignment   The Z-test

Complete the following problems using what we have learned in class to this point. You may complete these problems on a sheet of paper and submit of picture of your work or using a tablet or computer (writing out the problems that require math). The task is not to use computer software or applications to answer the questions but to complete them by hand. You will be graded based on completing each problem (or attempting to do so) but also the accuracy of your responses. If you have questions pertaining to these questions or anything in the class, please contact me and ask.

Review the videos in your Module Resources and Tutorials 3 before completing this assignment.


An educational psychologist is interested in seeing if Return To College (RTC) students—that is, students who have not attended school for more than 4 years in order to work or raise a family—are more motivated to achieve higher grades than students who have not taken a break in their education. She knows that the distribution of grade point averages (GPAs) for students at her college who have not interrupted their education is normally distributed with a mean of 2.90 and a standard deviation of 0.89. She collects the following sample of GPAs for 10 RTC students. Use the data in Table 9.6 to answer the following questions.

GPA for RTC Students












 Use the data to answer the following questions:

Find the mean GPA for the RTC students in the sample.

Determine the null and alternative hypotheses.

**Decide if the GPAs earned by RTC students are significantly higher than the population.

**Question C was modified from the original question in the text on p. 380


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