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Statistics 200
Hello, i need someone to complete my 8 week online Statistic course at UMUC. The class & lab started on 9/30. Syllabus attached! Please let me know ASAP! …
Statistics / General Statistics 2019-10-02 1
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The bus you take every morning always arrives anywhere
Question 1 1.0/ 1.0 Points The bus you take every morning always arrives anywhere from 2 minutes early to 15 minutes late and it is equally likely that it arrives during any of those minutes. Su …
Statistics / General Statistics 2019-10-04 1
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Find the z-score corresponding to an observation
Question 1 1 / 1 pts X~N(5.7, 0.61). Find the z-score corresponding to an observation of 4.7.    a   …
Statistics / General Statistics 2019-10-01 1
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Set z*s / sqrt(n) equal to the desired margin of error and solve for n...?
This subject is somewhat confounding and complex for me to totally comprehend and present the task should be put together by a close-by day. Additionally, my tests are coming nearer. Question 1.Sup …
Statistics / General Statistics 2019-09-24 0
Question 2 scores on an exam follow an approximately Normal?
Question 1.Scores on an exam follow an approximately Normal distribution with a mean of 76.4 and a standard deviation of 6.1 points. What percent of students scored above 80 points? Question 2.Scor …
Statistics / General Statistics 2019-09-18 0
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