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SOSC341 Understanding Statistical Inference

Assignment   Variance & Standard Deviation

Complete the following problems using what we have learned in class to this point. You may complete these problems on a sheet of paper and submit of picture of your work or using a tablet or computer (writing out the problems that require math). The task is not to use computer software or applications to answer the questions but to complete them by hand. You will be graded based on completing each problem (or attempting to do so) but also the accuracy of your responses. If you have questions pertaining to these questions or anything in the class, please contact me and ask.

Review the videos in your Module Resources and Tutorials 2 before completing this assignment.


Several studies (Keinan, 2002, for example) have found evidence that belief in magic and luck increased as stress levels increased. The more stressed people were, the more likely they were to engage in magical thinking. Suppose you did your own study examining the relationship between test anxiety and belief in the power of a lucky charm. You ask one group of students to bring their own personal lucky charm to their statistics final exam. Another group is the control group and has to take their statistics exam without any lucky objects present during the test.

Scores on statistics final exam with and without a lucky charm

Without Lucky Charm     With Lucky Charm

82           64

95           38

68           100

75           42

70           77

70           100

79           97

79           99

76           95

76           48

 Use the data to answer the following questions:

Calculate the mean for each group.

Calculate the standard deviation for each group.

In your opinion, does having a lucky charm result in better performance on the exam? How do the two groups differ? How are they similar?



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