Doc/742 week 8 Doctoral Research Assessment assignment

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The condition of scores being distorted in one direction or the other (towards the ends of the distribution) within a given distribution of data is known as?

Where “R” = Random Assignment Subjects to Treatment conditions; “NR” = No Random Assignment; “X” = Treatment and “O” = Observation, which of the following allows for causal inferences to be made regarding the effect of treatment?

A Dichotomous Variable represents what level of measurement within the realm of quantitative analysis?

The logic of causal inference requires an experimental basis where two or more groups are compared on one or more variables. In the simplest form, an “experiment” also requires…?

A single group pretest – posttest research design cannot infer causality of relationship because…?

A quasi-experimental research design that looks much like an experiment but lacks randomized assignment of subjects to treatment conditions is known as…?

One reason given for Mixed Method Research is to bring richness and detail to the study exploring specific features of each method. This purpose is referred to as…?

A cross between a cross sectional design and longitudinal design is known as…?

A means of determining the agreement among judges or raters when a given set of these are assessing or evaluating a particular defined and observed phenomenon (e.g., performance of participants on a given behavioral task).

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