Suppose You Were To Collect Data For Each Pair Of Variables. You Want To Make A Scatter Plot ...

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1) Suppose you were to collect data for each pair of variables. You want to make a scatter plot. Which variable would you use as the explanatory variable and which as the response variable? Why? What would you expect to see in the scatter plot? Discuss the likely direction and form. A) T-shirts at a store: Price each, number sold b)Real estate: House price, house size (square footage) 

2) Insurance companies carefully track claims histories so that they can assess risk and set rates appropriately. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that Honda Accords, Honda Civics, and Toyota Camrys are the cars most frequently reported stolen, while Ford Tauruses, Pontiac Vibes, and Buick LeSabres are stolen least often. Is it reasonable to say that there's a 

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