The Outdoor Furniture Corporation Manufactures Two Products, Benches And Picnic Tables

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The Outdoor Furniture Corporation manufactures two products, benches and picnic tables, for use in yards and parks. The firm has two main resources: its carpenters (labor force) and a supply of redwood for use in the furniture. During the next production cycle, 2,100 hours of labor are available under a union agreement. The firm also has a stock of 3,000 feet of good- quality redwood. Each bench that Outdoor Furniture produces requires 12 labor hours and 6 feet of redwood; each picnic table takes 6 labor hours and 25 feet of redwood. Completed benches will yield a profit of $28 each, and tables will result in a profit of $44 each. How many benches and tables should Outdoor Furniture produce to obtain the largest possible profit? Use the graphical method to solve the problem.

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