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SOSC341 Understanding Statistical Inference


Lab Details

Your submission for this Lab Assignment should be a Jamovi file with a .omv extension. The results in APA formatting can be written directly on the Jamovi file or in a separate document.

Part 1

Dr. Nadler is interested in the relationship between extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism scores on a personality test.

Calculate a correlation coefficient for these relationships using the Pearson statistic.

Report all significant and non-significant relationships in APA style.

Using the Jamovi Scatr Function, create 3 scattergrams/scatterplots. For each scatterplot, include the grouping variable of Gender.

The first should depict the relationship between extraversion and agreeableness.

The second is between extraversion and neuroticism.

The third is the relationship between agreeableness and neuroticism.

 Use the Personality Data Set for these problems

 Part 2

Dr. Nadler has also created a survey to measure students’ perceived advisor support. He hopes these 14 questions are reliable in measuring students’ perceptions of their advisors.

Test the reliability of this survey using Cronbach’s Alpha.

Interpret the output and tell me if this is a reliable measure based on this test.

If there are items that need to be reverse scored, please complete the reverse scoring and re-run the analysis, and then interpret the output again.

Compute the average perceived advisor support variable

Run a correlation between the average perceived advisor support variable and the variable labeled id and report the results in APA style.

 Use the Perceived Advisor Support Data Set for these problems


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