MARYVILLE SOSC341 2022 July Assignment - Z-Scores & Percent Latest

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SOSC341 Understanding Statistical Inference

Assignment  Midterm Project

As you begin to think about questions more critically, the next step is to apply what you have learned in developing sound research questions. As such, the midterm project is formed to help you think about how to do this. Using one of the data sets provided, you are being asked to describe the data and sample using statistics and visualization, to develop and test a hypothesis, and to report the results in APA style.  To do this you will need to create a report after completing each major bullet point below.  Here is a link to a template that you might use as a guide in developing this project. 

Midterm Project Template.docx

Review the videos in your Module Resources and Tutorials 4 before completing this project.

Please Note:

All data sets and/or resources needed for this project are linked at the bottom of the page.

Project Details

Your submission for the Midterm Project should be a Jamovi file with a .omv extension AND a document with the information outlined below:

A.    Select one of the datasets provided.

B.    Create two hypotheses.

1.    One must be able to be tested using an independent means and independent samples t-test.

2.    One must be able to be tested using a dependent means or paired samples t-test.

C.    Describe the variables you used in your hypotheses.

1.    Describe the variables in words.

2.    Describe the variables numerically. For example, present measures of central tendency and variability (when appropriate) for the major variables.

3.    Describe the variables graphically.

4.    You should interpret these and not simply present the numbers.

5.    Report demographic information using variables of sex, age, and/or COVID-19 Risk.

6.    Create a least one box plot, one histogram, and one frequency table. You should interpret these and not simply present the graphs/tables.

D.    Test your hypotheses using the appropriate statistical procedure in Jamovi. For each hypothesis write a paragraph that states the statistics you ran and why. See the example below for details.

1.    Write the results of what you found in APA style and provide relevant output at the end of the report.

2.    State whether your results support or fail to support your hypothesis.

E.    Create a report (approximately 2 – 5 pages) that combines what you completed and found in main bullet points B – D; this will be similar to the Template linked above. 


To complete this project, you will need to following resources:

Be sure to open the Jamovi software FIRST and then open one of these files within the Jamovi software. 

Midterm Social Science Data.omv Download Midterm Social Science Data.omv

Midterm Health Data.omv Download Midterm Health Data.omv

This project will utilize Jamovi, to review the resources linked in your Course Resources to get started with Jamovi. Please reach out to your instructor with any questions or concerns.

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