Principal Of Marketing - Chapter 9 begins with the header The Power of Brand

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Principal Of Marketing


Chapter 9 begins with the header The Power of Brand. We are reminded that brands are powerful and are images that are stored in our, and other peoples’ minds. Brands are helpful in making decisions about what to do, where to buy something, and where to go. Brands can make us spend money by tapping into our emotions.

Think about your personal brand – what could you state about it at this time? If someone hears your name, what do they think about you? Can you state if the answer to the last question makes you pleased or happy? What if your answer to the first question is that you do not have a brand? Not having a brand can affect your success by not helping you stand out or apart from others who apply to the same position or graduate school program as you.

So, how can you build your personal brand to help you secure the job or position in graduate school and other objectives you have mentioned in your personal marketing plans? Now is the time to create or update your personal brand. This personal marketing plan assignment is focused on the next year and how developing three to five brand-building action items or steps will help you with creating and/or enhancing your personal brand.

There are actions you might consider as you develop your brand-building plan such as: 1) join a student club or group, 2) find or apply for a work study position (it may be for the next school year), 3) contact your advisor regarding internship opportunities, 4) visit with your advisor and professors during their office hours to explore other career opportunities in your field of study, and 5) become more active on campus by meeting and talking with others as well as attending events.

Take time to think about your personal brand – be honest – do you have one or do you see that yours needs help. By considering the concepts mentioned above and making specific plans, such as the action items and steps, you should see that taking the time to reflect on your personal brand is critical and will be valuable to your future success.

Your Task: Create a brand-building action plan with three to five items or steps to be followed for the next year. For each item or step, you will need to be specific in defining the action you intend to take and complete along with a deadline. You will then need to state one or more of the outcomes you expect for each of the items or steps in your action plan.

Another valuable step in reinforcing your personal brand is to build and maintain professional relationships. The relationships can be with a classmate, supervisor, network contact, professor or staff member.

Your Task 2.0: Select three to five professional relationships you have established. State the type of relationship (as above, no names are required) and two actions per relationship that you can take to strengthen the association. Treat this part of the assignment as if you need to accomplish the actions within three months.

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