Part 1&2 - Discuss who will be responsible for actually producing

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 Part 1

In a 200-250-word response, discuss who will be responsible for actually producing the products or services in your organization. 

What suppliers will be needed and how will those firms fit in your strategic plan to succeed?

Part 2

Continuing along the same vein as what you developed in Week 5, you will now focus on developing an organization chart and roles for your new venture. Organization is key for the success of your new business venture. Organizing your resources to yield maximum returns and fulfill financial obligations while providing solutions to target customer needs is the main idea. 

In this phase of your business plan, try exploring other tools (apart from Word) for developing the organizational chart. LucidChart, Microsoft Visio,, and The Org are a few ideas, most of which are free. Do not focus on who will fill each role within your organizational structure; just focus on the role(s) you will need to accomplish the mission of your organization.

After you have developed your organizational chart, open up a Word document and list each of the roles you have determined are mission-critical. Detail the responsibilities of each role in bullet point form. Who will be in charge of what and what is the education and/or experience needed for each role? 

The length of this part of your plan will vary depending on the amount of research and effort you put into it and will generally fall between 2-3-pages in length, which includes the organizational chart. Submit your market analysis in a Word Doc in GAP in Week 6 (If using Google Docs, use the Download As Word Document, and then upload it into GAP). 

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