MKT500 Unit 5 Discussion - Hypothetical Business

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*Week 5 Discussion – Hypothetical Business (MKT500 Marketing Management)

· Briefly remind us about your hypothetical business (the one you have created for your four assignments) and your target audience. My hypothetical company: Henry and Phillips Property Management Group

What is the message that you will consistently communicate to this target audience?

How will you creatively deliver the message? For example, will you have a celebrity spokesperson, a product demonstration, an emotional appeal, etc.

Where will you use traditional advertising (for examples see page 240 of the e-book), sales promotion (for examples see page 243 of the e-book), events and experiences, and public relations (for examples see pages 246-247 of the e-book) to promote your hypothetical business.

This is your chance to share your knowledge of each one of the four types of promotional strategies. This should be a 300 – 500-word discussion.

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