FNU MAR1011 2022 October Week 8 Final Exam Latest

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MAR1011 Principles of Marketing

Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1What is Marketing?

Question 2Compare and contrast how the Internet has changed "connection with partners"

Question 3What is CRM?

Question 4What are the four steps of the marketing research process?

Question 5Discuss a way in which business markets differ from consumer markets.

Question 6Explain what is meant by "positioning for competitive advantage"

Question 7What is the product life cycle? List three of the five stages and explain what occurs in each stage.

Question 8List and describe the factors to consider when setting prices.

Question 9Discuss some key factors in making channel management decisions.

Question 10Wholesalers add value by performing one or more of nine channel functions. List three of these functions and explain each one.

Question 11Describe the following terms/concepts.

Market segmentation

Income segmentation

Question 12Describe the following terms/concepts.

Exchange controls

Joint venturing

Global firm

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