What You Should Know About Brand Storytelling

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What You Should Know About Brand Storytelling - Joshua Lyons Marketing

Story-Telling Portfolio Project

Assignment Description:

Portfolio Project (Part 1) consists of 3 MAIN TASKS:

Students choose any brand/company that is currently active on social media. Choose wisely, considering that the same brand/company will be used for the entire project. Students must:

Answer the followings (minimum 350-400 words, combine 1 to 3)

1) Self Audit/Social Listening : Conduct an audit of at least 3 social media platforms used by the brand/company. For each platform used, assess the brand’s performance and activity.

“Remember, good marketing starts with honest self-reflection. What is your brand doing well? What is your brand doing poorly? What platforms appear to be generating the most engagement? What types of posts garner the most engagement? What are your customers saying about your brand? In essence, describe what stories your brand is currently telling their followers”.

2) Audit Your Competition : Do a similar audit for 2 of your brand’s competitors.

3) Target Market Analysis : After doing your audits you should have a pretty good idea of who your brand/company considers is their primary target market. Write a synopsis of their perceived target market including relevant demographics and psychographics.

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