What are the basic characteristics of services compared with goods

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Individual Assignment

The Individual Assignment covers materials from Text chapters and is due at the end of week 13. The text supports these questions but external research with sources is welcome. These questions are designed to get your insights into these concepts. Please be sure to do more than just provide definitions. Provide your analysis and examples where appropriate.

Submission should be in APA format, Times Roman Font #12, with a Title and Reference page. There are ten questions total-The first six questions reflect Chapters 1-5, and the remaining questions Chapters 6-12

1. What are the basic characteristics of services compared with goods? What are the implications of these characteristics for a Marriott Luxury Hotel?

2. One of the underlying frameworks for the text is the service marketing mix. Discuss why each of the three new mix elements (process, people, and physical evidence) is included. How might each of these communicate with or help to satisfy an organization’s customers? Please provide examples.

3. How can quality service be used in a manufacturing context for competitive advantage? Think of your answer to this question in the context of automobiles or computers or some other manufactured product you have actually purchased.

4. Explain the Gaps Model of service quality. Explain the differences between expected and perceived service that can lead to the customer gap. Provide an example of where this might happen. Show how this can create challenges for provider Gap 1- the listening gap.

5. What is the difference between desired service and adequate service? Why would a services marketer need to understand both types of service expectations? Why are desired service expectations more stable than adequate service expectations?

6. List and define the five dimensions of service quality. Describe the services provided by a firm you do business with (your bank, your doctor, your favorite restaurant) on each of the dimensions. In your mind, has this organization distinguished itself from its competitors on any particular service quality dimension?


7. Describe how a firm’s relationships with customers may evolve over time (i.e. strangers, acquaintances, friends, etc.). For each level of relationship discussed in the chapter, identify a firm with which you have that level of relationship and discuss how its marketing efforts differ from other firms.

8. Describe the various switching barriers discussed in the text. What switching barriers might you face in switching banks? Mobile telephone service providers? Universities?

9. Why is it important for a service firm to have a strong recovery strategy? Think of a time when you received less-than-desirable service from a particular service organization. Was any effort made to recover? What should/could have been done differently? Do you still buy services from the organization? Why or why not? Did you tell others about your experience?

10. WWhat is physical evidence? How does it affect the customer experience? Please provide an example of the power of physical evidence in a service you recently experienced.

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