Marketing Strategy - product name: coca cola variety pack

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Marketing Strategy

product name: coca cola variety pack phase(4)- 5 forces

Phase 10: Budget, Controls, and Schedule  Vivek Talk about some budgetary, time, legal, political, or any other limitation or consideration the company may have in implementing your proposed strategies.  

Try to answer the following questions:  Are there enough financial resources for implementing the strategy? How is the 7 government react? Any legal issues imposed by competitors? Is the political  environment appropriate for the strategy? When the company should announce the  new product? What about preannouncements?  

Also, you can talk about how the company can measure the success of the new  product when the company should decide about increasing production volume, or  maybe in the case of failure the company needs to remove the product from the  market; how and how quickly?  

Overall, any problem that could happen and any measurement company should consider. 

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