Part 1&2 - After viewing the presentation Understanding Autism

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500-5 Citation, References

500-0 5 Part I: After viewing the presentation Understanding Autism: Strategies for Classroom Success and Effective Use of Teacher Supports, address the following prompts:

  1. Describe 2 supports that you noticed in the classroom you observed on slides 11 and 12.
  2. Identify 2-3 elements of a well-structured classroom.
  3. Describe the strategy of Priming with students with autism.
  4. Describe the use of visual supports in the classroom.
  5. What is Reinforcement? How will you use this strategy in your classroom?
  6. What is Home Base? What are your thoughts?
  7. How do these strategies support all students? What do you plan to incorporate into your own classroom?

Part II: Intellectual disabilities are often identified using more than IQ scores. Usually, the three areas of concern for students with intellectual disabilities; cognition, adaptive skills, and the need for supports. Summarize each area of concern and include suggestions for supports. 

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