Unit 5 Discussion 2 - Scope Of Practice And Ethics

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Unit 5.2 DB: Scope Of Practice And Ethics

 Donna is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Connecticut. She attended a CACREP accredited program and has worked as a counselor for teens and adults for the past several years. She works in her own private practice and received a call from a potential new client, Mary. Upon meeting with Mary for the first time, Donna learns that Mary’s primary issue is to address disordered eating. Donna has no formal training in eating disorder treatment but has worked with one client previously that struggled with emotional eating.

  • Is Donna, an LPC, allowed to treat Mary?
  • If yes, explain why and what is expected of Donna.
  • If no, explain why and what steps Donna should take.

Identify any considerations your classmates did not take into account. 

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