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Use a brochure development program such as Microsoft Publisher to develop a Professional Development Brochure to train teachers in one of these areas:  Differentiation, Co-teaching, or another topic pre-approved by the Instructor.  

Definition of Professional Development (PD) for Teachers:

Professional development — formal in-service training to upgrade the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of teachers — is widely viewed as an important means of improving teaching and learning (Quint, J. 2011).

As a special education teacher, you are the resource many teachers need to understand how to implement concepts and strategies to teach students in the general education classroom.  You will develop a PD brochure for a professional development session you could conduct in your school.  

Your finished product will be evaluated on the following:  (50 points)

1. The PD brochure has specific and measureable goals for the professional development. (5 points)

2.  How will you support learners at various stages of implementation?  (eg. Some teachers have had training on differentiation but never implemented this instructional skill; others have implemented the skill; a few have never had training and do not want to use this strategy in their classroom.) (5 points)

3.  What will the teachers be responsible for prior to, during and after the training? (5 points)

4.  Helpful website and videos. (5 points)

5. Research-based definition of the topic you have selected. (5 points)

6.  How will you use collaboration and teams, as well as group problem solving? (5 points)

7.  Examples of different strategies the teachers can use in their classrooms. (5 points)

8.  Grammar and sentence structure (5 points)

9.  Creativity (Use of graphics, cohesive to help find and understand the information) (5 points)

10. General Information (date of training, location, #CEU hours, trainer name, etc.) (5 points)

Remember a brochure is front and back and has three tri-fold pages on each side (total of six sides).

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