Arrange a virtual meeting with two of your classmate

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1. Schedule and Conduct Virtual Interviews:

· Arrange a virtual meeting with two of your classmates (separately) using the platform of your choice.

· Focus each interview on your classmates' experiences within the social work program or the university.

· Discuss shared experiences and perspectives to build rapport.

2. Explore Concerns and Potential Improvements:

· Obtain information about specific concerns or challenges faced by your classmates in the program or university.

· Inquire about potential actions or strategies that could enhance or strengthen the overall experience.

3. Document the Interview:

· Take detailed notes during the virtual interview to capture key insights and responses.

· Use the information gathered to write a two-page paper reflecting on the interview. The paper should highlight commonalities, identify issues, and recommend potential improvement strategies.  APA format is required.

4. Submission:

· Submit your two-page paper here.

5. Note: Please use the Course Q & A to reach out to your fellow classmates for this assignment. 

No other classmates were available, so you’ll have to write it as if it was discussed between two other classmates.

Please check out the social work program in University of Texas Arlington’s website.

However, here are some of the challenges :

Being an international student and not being able to take a smaller course load other than full time.

International office and Advisors office being two separate entities making it harder to register for certain classes that matches the international office criteria to follow immigration rules and to remain in status.

Not being allowed to work while going to school

Placement internship not always being where you’d want to be and hard to get into.

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