Module 1 Case - The Ethics of Graduate Writing

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Module 1 - Case


Assignment Overview

The Ethics of Graduate Writing

Researching and writing applications in a graduate program improve critical thinking, enhance knowledge depth, and demonstrate mastery of course or program learning objectives. These skills prepare graduates for professional challenges, ensuring they remain innovative and informed leaders in their respective disciplines. 

**Complete SLP 1 before Case 1**

Case 1 Resources

9 Critical reading strategies and how it can improve your writing  (2023) Credible sources: How to know if a source is reliable  (2023)  Text:  Chapter 1 - Why Ethics Matter  (2023)  Text:  Chapter 2 Ethics from Antiquity to the Present  (2023)  Text: 4:  Ethical Considerations in Business Writing Text: 4:  Ethical Considerations in Technical Writing The Future of Writing: Examining the Ethical Implications of AI Content Creation  (2023) 

Scholarly Readings:

Reflection on whether Chat GPT should be banned by academia from the perspective of education and teaching  (2023)

Case Assignment


The Importance of Writing, Research & Application in your Graduate Program

Use the assignment-specific template file in the Assignment Expectations section for all Cases and SLPs in this class. The templates are APA-formatted, may contain links and guidance, and include headings for each required section.

For this section, use only articles published within the last 18 months to research and address the following points:

· Discuss the ethical implications of presenting others' ideas as one's own. (1 page)

· Examine the importance of synthesis and proper citation. (1 page)

· Explain why it is necessary to use appropriate resources in academic and professional writing. (1 page)

The AI Detector

All submitted papers are automatically run through Turnitin. Faculty have access to the AI reports.  Turnitin’s AI Detection FAQs  answers the question about using Grammarly for grammar checks. Turnitin’s detector “is not tuned to target Grammarly-generated spelling, grammar, and punctuation modifications to content.” Another Grammarly product called GrammarlyGo, which is a generative AI writing tool, will have its content flagged by the program.  AI Writing Detection Capabilities - Frequently Asked Questions

· In ChatGPT or GrammarlyGo, request that a 1000-word graduate-level paper with three citations be written that could be submitted to address the three bullet points above.

· Copy and paste your query and the paper written by AI into a Word document which will be submitted with your assignment. Your instructor will see a  report  that marks AI-written content. 

This section of the paper may be written in first person. No research is required. 

· Assess the way your AI-authored paper sounds. Look at grammar choices, patterns, and repetition of terms.

· Examine the content of the sample paper contained in the report above. Does it sound like your AI-authored paper?

· Compare the two AI papers to what you wrote. Critically assess the writing styles.

This section should be 1 – 1 ½ pages. 

Be sure to check your paper with Grammarly for Word and make corrections before submission.

The use of AI for generating content in Trident classrooms is not permitted unless it is specifically required by assignments in classes. Certain classes may allow AI to be used for brainstorming or to kickstart research. Turnitin detects AI-generated content. 

No quotations are permitted in this paper. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to  cite  and  reference the sources in APA format . NOTE: Failure to use research with accompanying  citations  to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” across the grading rubric. This is a professional paper; not a personal one based on feelings. The first half of the paper must be written in the third person; this means words like “I,” “we,” and “you” are not appropriate.

Assignment Expectations

Use the  ETH501 Case 1  APA-formatted template to create your submission.

· The template is set up in APA 7: double-spacing, font, margins, headings, page breaks, APA help links.

Your submission will include:

· Trident University International’s cover page

· A paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, 4- to 4 ½- page body, 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)

· A separate file containing the AI-generated paper.

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