Understanding the Impact of Nonverbal Communication

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Research topic: Understanding the Impact of Nonverbal Communication on Interpersonal Relationships


  • Summarize: "What are the main arguments? What is the point of this book or article? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this article/book is about, what would you say?"
  • Evaluate: "Is it a useful source? How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography? Is the information reliable? Is this source biased or objective? What is the goal of this source?" The video and JHU guide will help you understand how to evaluate a source for authorship, currency, accuracy, publishing body, point of view or bias, and knowledge of the literature.
  • Reflect: "Was this source helpful to you? How does it help you shape your argument? How can you use this source in your research project? Has it changed how you think about your topic?"
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