EDU 565 Case Study - Developing Leaders At Vi

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EDU 565: Training Strategies And Assessment: Case Study: Developing Leaders At Vi

Developing Leaders at Vi: Case Study

Vi, a company that owns and operates 10 continuing care residential communities for older adults across the United States, has several different leadership development programs. The purpose of the Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is to increase the competencies and effectiveness of high-potential leaders. Also, Vi believes that making an investment in its potential leaders helps retain top talent, who, in turn, create high levels of engagement for its employees. Engaged employees provide high-quality services to residents, which affects their satisfaction and recommendations they give other potential residents. BLP prepares them to take on additional responsibilities or move into higher level positions. The program content covers building results and accountability, employee and personal development, and improving communications and influencing others. The one-year program includes classroom, virtual learning, and online learning. Program participants also receive coaching to help them develop and execute an action plan tailored to their personal development needs. The Management Development program focuses on developing future leaders from employees currently working as servers and housekeepers and in engineering, dining, and administrative positions. This year-long program includes courses, experiential learning, and mentoring. In Vi’s Emerging Leaders Program, employees participate in a six-month virtual learning program focused on developing the knowledge and skills they need to help them grow as leaders.

What other development activities might Vi want to consider to develop its leaders? Identify an activity and explain why Vi should consider it. What data or outcomes should Vi’s learning and development team collect to monitor the effectiveness of the leadership programs? Explain the business reason for your choice of data.


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