Winston is a three-year-old oftentimes referred to as

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Winston is a three-year-old oftentimes referred to as “Sir”. He lives with his parents who are of Native American and African American descent. He is an only child in the household. The family dynamics are richly based in culture consistent to morals and being authentic. Winston’s obsession with dinosaurs has evolved over the past two years. He is very strong in learning about dinosaurs and incorporating “his favorite” T-Rex in his learning and social environment. He loves to share his adventures with family and friends through literacy and play. Another strong emphasis Winston has is science, with particular emphasis on planets and outer space. His mother is a strong advocate for literacy by which books are read to him daily. Winston has evolved in his reading by identifying objects, some words, and talking about the images he sees in the books. The concern his parents have is finding images in books that look like him. Winston’s parents are concerned that he does not speak as clearly about other concepts outside of dinosaurs and nature. He is ready to learn new concepts introduced to him formally or informally. He is well versed in the alphabets, numbers to twenty, colors, shapes, opposites and some aspects of the earth such as differences in night and day, cold and hot. What might be evidence-based strategies for expanding Winston’s interests? How would you support Winston’s language and literacy using materials that are both mirrors (reflect who he is) and windows (offer insights to other perspectives, topics, and vocabulary)? How would you partner with Winston’s family to support his language and literacy development? Discuss with peers.  

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