Module 5 Part 1&2 - Angela and Jennine wanted to learn to knit

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Module 5

Part 1 (20 Points)

Read the case study on page 78 of your text and answer the three questions thoughtfully.

Angela and Jennine wanted to learn to knit so they could make scarves for their dads. Their child care leader, Nancy, promised to show them how because she had been knitting since she was very young. She told them to buy some number six needles and a ball of yarn in the color they liked.They came to the after-school program the next day, eager to get started. Nancy cast on the stitches on each of their needles because she felt it would be hard enough for them to learn the stitch without start-ing with casting on. She demonstrated knitting for each of them, then guided their hands through several stitches. Angela was quickly ready to proceed on her own, but Jennine was having trouble. She would forget which way to wrap the yarn around the needle or how to pull the stitch through. Nancy again guided her hands, but Jennine still had problems and became increasingly frustrated. Then, Nancy remembered that she had a knitting instruction book in the cupboard, which showed the step-by-step process. She got it out and propped the page in front of Jennine. Jennine studied it and then cautiously tried each step. Finally she understood and was exuberant that she was successful at last.  

1.  Why do you think Angela found the instructions Nancy gave her easy to follow? Why was it diffi cult for Jennine?  

2.  How would you describe the methods that Nancy used to teach the girls?  

3.  What does this tell you about other learning experiences that you provide for the children in your group?

Part 2 (20 Points)

Theory: Sociocultural theory,

To help you clarify your own beliefs about children's cognitive  development: you will write a summary of which of the theories discussed  in this chapter is closest to your own beliefs. Why do you feel this  way? If you are currently working in a classroom or program serving  children, how do you see the influence of these theories being utilized  to support high-quality education? If not, how would you like to see the  theory that is closest to your belief being used to support students in  classrooms?

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