EDU506 - Describe a hypothetical class of your own design

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Behavior Plan

Review how to create behavior plans (you created one in EDU506).  You may NOT re-use the behavior plan from EDU506 for this assignment (this assignment will be checked with Turnitin), but you may use it to refresh your memory on the various elements of an effective plan.

Describe a hypothetical class of your own design and creation. Include in your description a listing of the number of students with the specific learning issues listed below.  Select two hypothetical students from your class and identify a specific behavioral issue you want to address (must be different for each student).  Develop a specific behavior plan for each student designed to address the identified behavioral needs and issues based on the presenting problem.  See Appendix B for specific details and scoring rubric. 

Possible Behavioral Issues:

  • Aggression (physical and/or verbal)
  • Refusal to work
  • Inability to focus
  • Can’t sit still
  • Sleeps in class
  • Argumentative
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