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NURS330 Individual Assessment

Week 2 Assignment

Health History Case Study

This case study provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have learned about taking a complete health history and general assessment to a simulated patient situation. You will be asked to review the case and identify abnormal findings the patient is displaying, and associate the findings with the possible causes.

You are working in an inpatient setting and admitting Sarah, a 16 year-old to your nursing unit for influenza. The patient tells you she is Jewish, living with her mother who is divorced, and a full-time student. She works part-time at a local ice cream shop and a member of her high school swim team. This is Sarah’s first hospital admission. You have no access to previous medical records. Her mother is present. You have received orders to start an IV, fluids and antibiotics.

Describe the questions you will ask you patient as you take a complete health history. What areas of the history are more important? Why?

Will you conduct this interview with her mother present?

What developmental considerations are relevant to Sarah?

What systems may be a more focused history within your complete health history?


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