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NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 1 Assignment

Exploring Your Nursing Theory

Exploring Your Nursing Theory

This week, you will begin the development of the final presentation for this course. Visit the Nursing Theory (Links to an external site.) website and select a theory to explore. This theory will be your topic for the final presentation.

To Complete the Assignment

Describe how the theory you chose can be used to improve nursing practice.

Read an article from a nursing research journal. What does the author identify as the conceptual or theoretical framework that underpins the work? Describe how these help in guiding the research.

Explain how the theory you chose touches on your personal beliefs about nursing. Give examples.

You've read how several theorists conceptualized components of their theory. In your own words, describe your own view of one of the following concepts: person, environment, health.

You have learned that theory reflects the time in which it is written and that it evolves over time. With this in mind, what do you think maybe included or changed in theories of the future that is not part of current nursing theory?



NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 2 Assignment

Nursing Research Clinical

Download the Nursing Research Clinical Guidelines template. It will provide a list of guidelines relevant to nurses dealing with infants, children, adolescents, adults, older adults, end-of-life care, and specific care issues.

To Complete the Assignment

From this list, you will choose one guideline and complete the table.  You can search online to find the guideline you want to use.  You will be asked to identify the following:

What organization developed the guideline?

What is the title of the guideline?

What is the date of the most current version of the guideline?

Who are the "intended users" of the guideline? If nurses are not one of the groups of intended users, you should review a different guideline for the purposes of this assignment.

What is/are the objective(s) of the guideline?

What major outcomes are considered?

Select three major recommendations; provide the name and an example for each.

What evidence supports the recommendations?

What are the potential benefits of implementing the guidelines?

What is the potential harm of implementing the guidelines?


NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 3 Assignment

Critical Thinking Reflection

Examine the definitions of critical thinking provided in Table 7.1 in the textbook.

To Complete the Assignment

Choose two to three of the definitions and write a short reflection comparing and contrasting the definitions using the key terms from the chapter, such as reflective thinking, reactive thinking, moral reasoning, induction, deduction, assumption identification, and interpretation of feelings. At the end of the reflection, determine which definition you find most applicable to the nursing practice.




NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 4 Assignment

Learning Theory & Style

Review the learning theories and styles in your textbook. 

To Complete the Assignment

Explain which theory of learning and learning style is applicable to the way in which you learn best?  Provide examples and references from your textbook. 


NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 5 Assignment

Ten Essential Elements Related to Delegation Criteria

You have read that the decision to delegate has legal, as well as managerial, considerations. Because each state's Nurse Practice Act gives legal authority for nurse practice, you should know what your state's Nurse Practice Act has to say about delegation.

To Complete the Assignment

In the learning module titled Effective Delegation and Supervision, a website is provided for you to explore your state's Nurse Practice Act. Explore yours and other states' Nurse Practice Act. Download and complete the "Ten Essential Elements Related to Delegation Criteria" template according to the information provided for your state.

Identify how your state's Nurse Practice Act addresses each of these elements in the template. Write your findings in the space provided, and then print your document to save for future use in practice.


NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 6 Assignment

Review The Lewis Blackman Story.

To Complete the Assignment

Answer the following questions in a 2-3 page written response.

Create a list of the characteristics Helen Haskell ascribes to a “good” or professional nurse/physician.

When Helen Haskell says “patients need to be empowered and nurses need to embrace it”, how do you react to her suggestion?

What does Helen Haskell mean by “misplaced professionalism”?

In her story, did you think of other examples of “misplaced professionalism”?

What is professionalism in your view?

What is your reaction to Helen Haskell’s view that nurses need policy-level help to be empowered with respect to communications with physicians?

The Lewis Blackman Story

Helen Haskell is Lewis Blackman's mother, a 15-year-old boy who died in a hospital following routine surgery. The videos featured below were part of a lecture and interviews with Ms. Haskell recorded at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing in summer 2009.

Videos Part 1 and 2 present Lewis’s story and a patient/family perspective of lessons learned from a tragic outcome. Videos 3-5 include selected segments of an interview with Linda Cronenwett and the dialogue between Ms. Haskell and the audience following her lecture.







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