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NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 8 Discussion

DQ1 Staffing & Shortages

Nurse staffing mixes, ratios, and shortages are a constant concern to nurses, as well as the professional community, other healthcare providers, and patients.

 Post Requirements

How is your institution addressing these problems? What is the involvement of nurses in the discussions?

DQ2 Nursing Theory Presentation

This week, you will submit the final presentation for this course. Your presentation should include the following:

Describe how the theory you chose can be used to improve nursing practice.

Read an article from a nursing research journal. What does the author identify as the conceptual or theoretical framework that underpins the work? Describe how these help in guiding the research.

Share which of the nursing theories in the WebTrek you identify with most. Explain how the theory touches on your personal beliefs about nursing. Give examples.

You've read how several theorists conceptualized components of their theory. In your own words, describe your own view of one of the following concepts: person, environment, health.

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