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NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 1 Discussion

Continuing Your Education Reflection

This is a time to celebrate the talents you bring with you to your continuing knowledge development. It is a time for discovery, reflection, and professional development. You have had many experiences in educational settings. Unlike a child in school, the adult learner brings a wealth of experiences to the learning environment. The experiences of the adult learner may be varied, but they occurred in a certain environment or context and have meaning to the individual. To understand this meaning requires careful examination of your situation.

Post Requirements

First, consider the reasons you have returned to school. You may think that the recognition for your work or the pay differential on your career ladder is the reason. These may be considerations, but you are embarking on a journey of professional development that will further your knowledge, skills, and abilities, compared with a quick fix to a limiting situation. You will be facing the challenges of competing roles and addressing priorities in time management.

Reflect carefully and identify your reasons for continuing your nursing education.

Discuss how this will impact your educational progress.

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