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NU664C Primary Care of the Psychiatric Mental Health Client I

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 What Factors Influence Self-Injurious Behavior?

Initial Post

Review the Self-Harm website.

Watch the videos:

5 Not Obvious Signs of Self Harm (4:16 minutes)

5 Not Obvious Signs of Self Harm Video Video Transcript

Self Harm: What is it About? (12:00 minutes)

Self Harm: What is it About? Video Transcript

Self-injurious behavior is a manifestation of emotion-focused coping.

Discuss some causes that may explain why youth engage in self-injurious behaviors.

Choose one of the self-injurious behaviors that interests you.

Discuss what the research says about the etiology or the causative factors for these behaviors.

What evidence-based treatment modalities have been recognized as helpful in managing these behaviors?

DQ2 Share Coping Strategy with Peers

For this discussion, you create a 3-5 minute video explaining a coping strategy that you have successfully used to navigate stressful life events, such as living through a pandemic and/or attending graduate school. Research the evidence behind your coping strategy, explain the neurobiological implications, and recommend how this strategy can be used across the lifespan.

Use these instructions to record your video:

Open the Zoom Tutorial to use for video recordings.

Upload your recording as an unlisted video on YouTube. Important: It is your responsibility to ensure that your link is active and working. It is highly recommended that you play back your video from a different device than the one you used to upload to YouTube to ensure that it works properly.

To upload your YouTube video URL to this assignment:

Create a Word document properly named to associate with the assignment.

Copy and paste the YouTube URL into the Word document.

Please make certain your video is in MP4 format and that your video is not a narration of PowerPoint slides. Your video should be of yourself presenting your coping strategy while creating a conversational atmosphere with your peers. You might consider asking your peers some general questions about your coping strategy that could be included in their reply posts.

Please include three to five scholarly references that you used to gather your evidence. You will upload your list of references and your video to Week 3 Assignment 1: Coping Strategy, where you will also find the grading rubric.

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