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NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Telehealth Nursing

Post Requirements

Use an Internet search engine, such as GoogleLinks to an external site. or YahooLinks to an external site., to search for the phrase "telehealth nursing." Analyze the results of your search by answering the following questions:

Identify at least three examples of the way that nurses use telecommunications to deliver aspects of nursing care to patients.

Provide an example in which telehealth nursing increased the quality of a patient's life.

List three essential attributes that a good telehealth nurse needs to possess.

DQ2 Economics and HealthCare Policy

Ms. Jones is a 30-year-old client with a history of abdominal cramping, diarrhea that alternates with constipation, flatulence, and generalized discomfort. She had a complete panel of blood tests, and she undergoes a barium enema and a colonoscopy; the results of all the tests are normal. She is given a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, a functional disorder that occurs when the lower gastrointestinal tract does not work as effectively as it should. The health care provider explained to Ms. Jones that her condition cannot be cured but that it can be managed. On a subsequent visit to the clinic, Ms. Jones requests an MRI. The nurse mentions this request to the provider who feels that the procedure is not necessary for the following reasons: it would not provide information that would alter the diagnosis or the management of her condition, nor would the test improve her condition. Ms. Jones insists; she tells the provider that her insurance policy would cover the diagnostic procedure for the purpose of investigating abdominal pain with the exception of a $20 copayment that she would pay.

Post Requirements

Why should Ms. Jones be discouraged from receiving the MRI if the insurance company will pay for it (estimated cost $2000 to $4000) and she is willing to pay the $20 copay? (Or should she be discouraged?)

DQ3 Health Policy and Politics

Post Requirements

Share your views on the following topics:

Discuss how knowing your Congress member's biographical information can affect your approach to a legislator and result in a more effective meeting.

Assume that your representative has indicated that he or she will likely vote against a bill that you feel is essential for decreasing the nursing shortage. Describe what you can do to be more effective in swaying the legislator's vote. What could nurses do that would have the opposite effect and create barriers to affecting the representative's vote?

In what ways do you think you can influence political outcomes?

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